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(Best of Jaded Heart 1990 – 2004)

Michael Bormann, known as the voice of numerous bands like J.R. Blackmore's Superstition, Bonfire, Zeno, Rain, Biss, Bloodbound, Letter X, The Sygnet, Redrum, a.s.o., is back in business.

He actually built up his name with his former band JADED HEART. JH was founded in 1990 by Michael. He used to be the main songwriter, singer and producer of the band. It´s been almost 14 years since the separation from Jaded Heart.

Over the years Michael was always asked to bring the old stuff back to the stage.

At the beginning of 2017 he took the occasion to put this into action.

MICHAEL BORMANN´S  JADED HARD, as this new formation is called, now bring the old Jaded Heart Songs back to life with a Best of 1990-2004.

The new studio album with 12 brand new songs will be released on October 28th, 2019.


Line up:

Michael Bormann – Leadvox & Git

Chris 'Hexe' Ivo (Jaded Heart, The Sygnet, Doro) – Keyboards & Vox

Michael 'Maikel' Müller (Seelenzorn) – Drums

Christoph ´Baumi`Baumeister – Bass & Vox


Yeray Diaz Hurtato - Guitar (2017)

Daniel Hinte - Guitar (2018)

Tommy Dahlem – Git & Vox (2018 - 2022)

Marcel "Selly" Bernhardt - Git (2023)



Jaded Heart – Inside Out - 1994

Jaded Heart – Slaves & Masters - 1996

Jaded Heart – Mystery Eyes - 1998

Jaded Heart – IV - 1999

Jaded Heart – The Journey Will Never End - 2001

Jaded Heart – Diary (Best of 1990 – 2001) - 2001

Jaded Heart – Trust – 2004

Michael Bormann´s Jaded Hard - Feels Like Yesterday - 2019

Michael Bormann´s Jaded Hard - Power To Win - 2022


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