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New Customs - regulations

18. April 2023 um 10:00:00

Dear friends.
Customs regulations have changed. So the pricing is different now.
Until recently it was possible to send CDs (large or maxi letter) by registered mail anywhere in the world. However, goods may only be sent as consignments (or parcels). This is not a big problem in Germany. When it comes to going abroad, it is unfortunately no longer that easy or “cheap”.
You will not like the now adjusted prices, certainly not me. I beg your indulgence. Rocking greetings, Michel.


20. Februar 2023 um 11:00:00

Please welcome our new guitarist Marcel Selly Bernhardt!
You might know Selly from one of his former Bands Tales of Sorrow, Pump, Miracle Master or TwentyDarkSeven.
His first stage appearance will be next month in Dortmund at our double headliner show with Hartmann. See you there!


24. Januar 2023 um 11:00:00

We wish you a merry christmas

14. Dezember 2022 um 11:00:00

Wir sind vom 15.12.22 bis 02.01.2023 im Urlaub.
Bestellungen können erst ab dem 03.01.2023 wieder bearbeitet werden.
Wir wünschen euch frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

We are on vacation from 15.12.2022 to 02.01.2023.
Orders can only be processed after January 3rd, 2023.
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


30. August 2022 um 13:00:00

And on we go... 

Corona thoroughly slowed down the music industry, and the momentum of MICHAEL BORMANN’S JADED HARD along with it, but new music is finally available from Bormann and company. Following up their 2019 debut album “FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY,” their second CD – “POWER TO WIN” (because these 5 musicians wouldn’t let themselves be defeated!) will be released on all platforms on October 28, 2022. 

POWER TO WIN once again showcases the power and expressiveness of MICHAEL BORMANN’s legendary voice and the full range of his song writing skills. In the usual manner, this is AOR / MELODIC ROCK at its finest - From up-tempo songs that will delight the headbanger’s heart, to powerful ballads that will melt the hearts of women and men alike.

But there is also something new. To bring in a breath of fresh air and new nuances to POWER TO WIN, Michael worked with other songwriters: Bruno Kraler on When I Look In Your Eyes, Pete Blakk on Little White Lies, Fredrik Joakimsson on A Step Away From Heaven, and Michael Maikel Müller on Hysteria - Wrong And Right, and When She’s Good. 

The song We Must Make A Stand was a project about the current political situation with singers and other musicians from Duisburg (Michael´s hometown) and not originally intended for this album, but due to the positive response, Michael decided to include it on the record. 

The second European tour unfortunately had to be postponed twice, but now the planning is once again in full swing, and, if all goes well this time, the boys will be back on the road rocking the stages in early 2023!

Line-up: Michael Bormann (Lead & Backing vox, Guitar), Chris Ivo (Keyboards, Backing vox), Maikel Müller (Drums), Christoph Baumeister (Bass, Backing vox), Tommy Dahlem (Lead guitar, Backing vox)

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