Download - All music

24. Februar 2021, 23:00:00

I have just updated the mp3 page. You can now purchase mp3/flac of all Michael Bormann music such as Michael Bormann solo, Jaded Heart, Michael Bormann´s Jaded Hard.

New video goes viral

21. Februar 2021, 23:00:00

"It Feels Like Yesterday" , our 3rd video will go viral on Friday 26, 2021.

Time for video no 2

9. Oktober 2019, 22:00:00

"Mr. Msyterious is the 2nd output of the album "FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY".

The 1st video is done

19. September 2019, 22:00:00

"Feel Like I´m Living" is the 1st video of the brand new album "FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY".

Tour announcement

31. Juli 2019, 22:00:00

We´re gonna be on tour with DeVicious & Creye in October.